In the past couple of years, there has been a mass exodus of Nigerians desiring to seek greener pastures in other countries as for some, the living conditions have deteriorated.

If as an immigrant, you desire to marry a foreigner in another country, you would be required to produce a list of documents which may include a certificate of bachelorhood/spinsterhood depending on your gender.

In some jurisdictions, this document may be known as a letter of freedom to marry, certificate of single status, certificate of no impediment amongst other names.

This article sets out the requirement and procedure for obtaining a certificate of bachelorhood/spinsterhood issued by the Ministry certifying that the person whose name appears on the document is a certified bachelor or a spinster and is permitted to marry anyone in any jurisdiction internationally.

To obtain a certificate of bachelorhood or spinsterhood from the recommended Ministry, you may be required to provide amongst other documents:

  1. Passport photographs
  2. Birth certificate,
  3. An affidavit
  4. An application letter
  5. The official fees

Timeline for delivery is seven working days depending on the date of receipt of instruction.

Depending on the requesting embassy, an applicant may be required to provide a certificate issued by a specific registry. These request by the embassies are mostly for authenticity purposes, as most registries here in Nigeria are known to celebrate marriages and are curators of archival and valid information with regards registration of marriages within Nigeria. Thus, it is imperative to confirm the approved registry before procurement of the document to avoid an exercise in futility.

It is worthy to note that during the entire process, it is essential that the applicant maintains consistency with his/her name, signature, and documents showing identity as you may be turned back at most embassies.

Please call 08090704207 or to send a mail to info@zuriel.com.ng or u.ukefi@zuriel.com.ng for inquiries and procurement of the certificate.


Photo credit: Calvina Yang Nguyen


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