HR Services Overview

In this competitive business environment, outsourcing of non-core work can help a core business obtain more value and focus on their core competencies. Human resource management (HR) is one such business function that can be easily outsourced to save on cost, time, and effort. Every organization, no matter what size—whether the company is just getting started, is established, and beginning to grow, needs the right team to drive the business forward.

Zuriel Consulting Limited has deep experience in a broad spectrum of situations, and its progressive approach provides effective HR management – recruitment, training and development, and payroll management to many of our clients. Whether we provide HR consulting services or work alongside your HR team, our support, knowledge, and resources can help you meet your goals.

Our human resource management services are designed to help customers reduce costs, enhance employee satisfaction, and improve HR strategy delivery.


Our Services Include


Training and Development

Payroll Management